Introducing Prints by Kara Layne and Co.

June 16, 2014

So this finally happened.

I have been sketching and doodling for years. From the early 90′s, sitting in that church pew with my father while we sketched and drew what his 1954 Ford pickup truck would look like after we restored it. It’s a hobby and one that allows me to take a relaxed breath here and there. These prints are a little piece of my heart and who I am. Who I have always been.

I am so excited to share this small and humble beginning with you. A beginning of just a few, but I am thrilled to say the collection will slowly grow. And I hope they add just a little bit of inspiration and heart to your home. Each print is hand created by me. Art comes mounted on mat board which makes framing extremely easy and also gives you the flexibility of displaying them on a tabletop easel.

They are now available in the shop and shipping within the United States. I hope you enjoy!

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