Website Design and Styling for Becky Higgins

December 1, 2014

Website Design and Styling for Becky Higgins #Branding #Design #Website

You’ve seen the app and you have seen the commercial. Now I am so excited to finally be able to share the website design project that I have worked on for most of 2014. Being the visual coordinator over at Becky Higgins, I knew we needed a fresh new look online. Something that really spoke to Becky’s amazing audience and complimented the brand in the most beautiful way. The Becky Higgins site is an extremely large one and we are still adding new features over the coming weeks, but I handled the overall design of it as well as all things imagery. We really wanted to infuse a lifestyle feel throughout and really focus on beautiful visuals. It is such a thrill to see it all come to fruition. A huge thank you to Cambio Agency and their entire team for actually building this beast of a site. They took my detailed designs and made them real and functional. Such a fantastic team to work with.

Along with the website, we also needed to overhaul the online store to give Becky’s customers an amazing experience from beginning to end. We enlisted the help of Aeolidia who does wonderful work in the world of e-commerce and who were willing to take an already built idea and bring it full circle into the shop. The new store functions on the Shopify platform and follows suit in the look of the website. Again, such an amazing team of creatives who truly brought our wishes to life.

Website Design and Styling for Becky Higgins #Branding #Design #Website

Remember, new features will be rolling out in the very near future, but feel free to browse the all-new right here!

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