A Mood Board for April

April 7, 2016

As a creative and as a designer, I have constant ideas running through my head. I see a celebrity’s name in a magazine and I envision a logo for him or her. I see white walls and calculate in my head a cluster of frames and art that would fit the space. I come across beautiful pieces in a store and I am mentally arranging, pairing and styling a flat lay image. It’s fun to always be “plugged in”, but sometimes ideas get stuck.

I always have current projects going on with clients that have already taken a specific direction. And a lot of the time I had visions for color schemes, branding ideas or a style direction in the beginning that either weren’t chosen by the client or didn’t even make it to the drawing board. However, I then find myself sitting with these visions and I feel like it’s a bit anti-climatic for them. It’s kind of like pent up energy – an itch I need to scratch. So instead of just sitting here letting that creative energy lie dormant, I figured I would create a monthly mood board to get these style and branding visions out of my head and shared with anyone who cares to be inspired by textures, color palettes and images.

So, keep scrolling to enjoy a mood board for April that I pulled together and I hope you enjoy it enough to come back for May’s inspiration.

April mood board filled with shades of grey, pink and yellow #Design #MoodBoard #Color #Inspiration


April mood board filled with shades of grey, pink and yellow #Design #MoodBoard #Color #Inspiration

Barn   /   Cement   /   Skirt   /   Ice Cream   /   Gold Texture   /   Doorway   /   Wildflowers   /   Fur Jacket   /   Sofa   /   Stairway


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