All-New 2017 Blog Planner

April 19, 2017

I knew I wanted it to be better. From the beginning, this was a tool that I created for myself to help plan content and keep things organized when it came to my blog. Because, let’s get real, anything worth doing is worth doing right. I launched the original one in 2015, but over the course of last year I found myself missing some features. So at the beginning of 2017 I started chipping away at it and I am so thrilled to introduce the all-new 2017 Blog Planner now available in the shop!

The all-new 2017 Blog Planner from Kara Layne & Co #Planner #Blogger #Printable #DigitalDownload #Organization

What I have always loved most is the simple approach to the design I took. Why? Because I have come across so many printables and digital downloads for planners that are so full of crazy design aspects and funky colors. And why? All because I am female and that is supposed to make it more attractive? I wanted something clean and functional and I wanted this planner to fit anyone and everyone’s style.

The all-new 2017 Blog Planner from Kara Layne & Co #Planner #Blogger #Printable #DigitalDownload #Organization

The 2017 Blog Planner now includes 21 total worksheets: a branded cover page, a monthly view with all 12 months of 2017 already set up for you, a monthly checklist, a brainstorming worksheet, a daily view to plan your blog posts, a sponsors and advertisers worksheet, a worksheet to track giveaways, an accounts and logins worksheet as well as a performance overview worksheet that will allow you to record stats and analytics for an entire calendar year.

The all-new 2017 Blog Planner from Kara Layne & Co #Planner #Blogger #Printable #DigitalDownload #Organization

So what is different about this new re-launched planner then the version before? The biggest and my most favorite is now every month of the year is filled out for you. Before it was a filling-it-in-yourself kind of deal. And the coolest part is that the calendar includes tips and guides to help you plan your seasonal content. As a blogger, do you find that it is difficult to know how far in advance you should be publishing holiday content so that your readers have time to either use your recipe or gift idea? I have done all of the guess work for you and your calendar will guide you through all 12 months and offer assistance as you plan your content throughout the year! Kind of awesome, right?

The all-new 2017 Blog Planner from Kara Layne & Co #Planner #Blogger #Printable #DigitalDownload #Organization

There is also a better layout for tracking your performance and stats divided up for each month which I was so happy to make happen because it was one of the features I felt needed improvement.

The all-new 2017 Blog Planner from Kara Layne & Co #Planner #Blogger #Printable #DigitalDownload #Organization

And if you are dying for an up-close look I put together a quick little video for you:

So if you are looking at a tool to get you organized and help you in planning content and if you are a pen and paper kind of person, then I would love for you to check out the 2017 Blog Planner because I think you are going to love it. And if you want to get an inside look at how I set mine up, visit this blog post here.

Head to the shop to catch the digital download for only $25 and I hope you enjoy!

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