And Then There Were Two

July 10, 2018

They call us multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Which sounds a lot better than “one person, too many ideas” I guess. When I first heard that phrase I suddenly felt understood, justified and supported. Going through my whole life as the crazy creative one with wild ideas and too many ambitions, my energy and soul finally felt calm.

The change that my gut has been trying to get me to realize for some time has finally come to fruition. While I tried to conveniently ignore it for ‘tomorrow’, my gut patiently waited on my front doorstep while cursing me under muttered breath. We all know that waiting for tomorrow for what can be done today is never the way to approach anything. Especially in business.
For some time now I have served clients in their branding, web design and online presence while also blogging about all things life. And both have come to a point of such growth that they have actually started working against each other. SEO has become a nightmare with the amount of traffic coming in, the brand message was starting to become muddled and we all know that serving an audience unfocused content is never a good thing. And if I am not serving my audience in the best way possible, then what is the point to everything I am doing?


I am so excited (and a tad bit nervous) to announce that there are now two brands under the Kara Layne name. Okay, I hate the third person thing. There are now two brands under my name and I would love to tell you a little bit about them and what to expect, for those of you who are new here and those of you who have been part of the family for awhile now.


And then there were two... a tale of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur #CreativeBusiness #Entrepreneur #Business


Kara Layne & Co. is my design studio where I serve fellow business owners when it comes to their branding, online web presence and their overall brand aesthetic from design to imagery. Kara Layne & Co. also has a dedicated blog now where I will be able to share about the latest projects we have launched, design inspiration as well as business tips and advice. The Kara Layne & Co. Shop is filled with design templates to help you enhance your first impression as a business as well as tools to make managing business life better. And so much more is coming for you so stay tuned! You will be able to also keep up with the studio on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Everything and anything for design lovers, fellow business owners and professional creatives.


Haus of Layne has now become it’s own little space and my main goal was to make it cozy and inviting as if you and I were sitting on the back porch after a shared meal, chatting about all the things. A place of community. A place that feels like a good book you just want to curl up with. This is a space where I will continue sharing stories of family life and motherhood, of DIY or our latest home projects, of organization that is working for our family of seven, what we are making in the kitchen and even my latest style and beauty finds. Haus of Layne will even have it’s own shop where you will be able to find art prints for your home and more beautiful finds that are coming very soon. On social media, you can Find Haus of Layne on Facebook, on Instagram, on BlogLovin and Pinterest.


And yes, this means that if you are a subscriber to my mailing list I will be personally reaching out to you to find out exactly what content you want to be receiving and what brand you most connect with. My goal in this change is to ensure that I am serving you in the best way possible – whether it be professional or personal, business or lifestyle. In everything I do, the question I keep on my mind and in my heart is, what value am I adding to your already full life? And I hope you know it is truly my top priority and concern. This is why this change has had to happen. And why I am so excited that it is, despite the butterflies and having to start from scratch in some areas. It is all for the cause!


And then there were two... a tale of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur #CreativeBusiness #Entrepreneur #Business

So, friend… thank you so much for being here. As cliche as it sounds, it truly does mean the world to me. Your support, your engagement on social media and here – it all helps drive me to do the best I can in everything I do and to feel a part of something bigger than myself. To feel like part of a community. And the community that has been built and continues to build here has a large piece of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Leave a comment below and tell me how long you have been here and what type of content you love most that comes from me to you! Cheers to uncomfortable changes for the greater good and a double cheers to community!

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  1. Laura Vancura

    July 11th, 2018 at 9:21 am

    I have been reading after finding you from Becky Higgins’ site. I love both… I am in the midst of starting my own business so I love to read about that side of it and enjoyed following you through your pregnancy and navigating a newborn. Congratulations on the new refreshed homes.

  2. Kara Layne

    July 12th, 2018 at 12:03 am

    Oh, Miss Laura – thank you so much! It truly does mean so much to have you be a part of things. I just looked back at postpartum posts today actually and found myself totally shocked that we are nearing a year! I feel like I was JUST sharing about all of that! And so excited for you that you are diving into starting your own business. What is it that you will be doing? And just know that I am rooting you on 😉 Congrats!