The Mod Look Book Design Template

July 20, 2018

I am so thrilled to finally be in a place to churn out more beautiful products for the Kara Layne & Co. Shop, but mostly for YOU. The reason the shop was even started in the first place way back when was because I wanted beautiful designs to be available at an affordable price for those who want to be putting their best foot forward, but who may not ready to invest in a custom project. And speaking of putting your best foot forward, I am so excited to share with you the Mod Look Book Design Template now available in the shop!

The Mod Look Book Design Template from Kara Layne & Co is now available! Get an up-close look and see what it can do for your business #LookBook #PhotoshopTemplate #DesignTemplate #Branding #Design #Editorial

This design was created for all of those independent artists, those small business that are serving their clients amazingly well in their craft. Marketing yourself is hard these days because there are thousands of others doing the same and you are just trying to make yourself heard. I love creating something that makes sure your brand presence is apparent right from the beginning. A well designed look book to explain your services and show your work sends the message that you are a high quality service, that you put the time and effort into the details, but most importantly, it helps you to be memorable for those inquiring about your services and deciding where and who to invest their money in.

I love that this is a digital design that can be used simply as an attached PDF or you can take it one step further and use an online publishing platform like Issuu to give it a more editorial and interactive effect. When someone reaches out wanting to know more about your services, this look book design helps extend your branding and service quality outside of your website and continue that fluid experience.

The Mod Look Book is bold, minimalistic and stylish. It allows your portfolio to stand out, but offer the information one is looking for when contacting you. It features 17 fully customizable page designs that give you space to display your work, include necessary details along with testimonials and contact information. Each page is delivered as a PSD file giving you complete freedom to adjust the design to your brand color palette and needs. It also comes with two font files as well as a PDF of basic instructions as you navigate making it completely your own.

And the best part? You can purchase it immediately right now in the shop for under $25!

The Mod Look Book Design Template from Kara Layne & Co is now available! Get an up-close look and see what it can do for your business #LookBook #PhotoshopTemplate #DesignTemplate #Branding #Design #Editorial


P.S. If you are a subscriber of Kara Layne & Co, then you have a sweet little discount code in your inbox to use on the Mod Look Book Design now!

Hope you enjoy and be sure and tag us on social media (#ShopKaraLayneAndCo) once you have your look book customized – we love seeing what customers are up to and how helpful you find the designs in building your business and putting your best foot forward!

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