Five Tips to a Better First Impression Online

July 26, 2018

If you are one of my subscriber friends, you have enjoyed this info and free download for yourself for awhile now. And the reason I am sharing it here is because there is an all-new bigger, better freebie being released next week. If you aren’t s subscriber friend, be sure and join in the fun (over there to your right – it takes two seconds) now because it keeps getting better and better. In the meantime, keep scrolling because today I am sharing with you five tips to a better first impression online. And we all know you can never get a first impression back, right?

Five tips to a better first impression online and a FREE checklist just for you! #Entrepreneur #Business #Branding #Design

Two seconds. That is how long researchers say it takes someone to form a reaction or impression of a website or business they visit online. And that is how long you have to grab their attention and make your first impression a lasting one. Two seconds. How profound are yours?

Keeping a viewer and potential client on your website browsing more than just your home page begins with the continuity you create in the design of your site as well as the ease of browsing it. Is your main menu in the same place throughout the entire site? Do your pages follow in a similar manner or pattern or is your site more of a “you never know what you’re gonna get” type of approach? Is it intuitive where to access your contact information or where to subscribe to your email list? What about your mobile site? Is it user friendly?

Audit your website, blog and mobile site. Go through each page and figure out if there is a consistent structure throughout the entire experience. Ask a few friends or family members to visit and give their feedback on the ease of using your site and if they are able to find what they are looking for when they want to find it.

Everything in business these days is visual. Why? Because people are getting their information and finding who they want to collaborate with and do business with online where visuals matter. It’s why brand imagery and photography is held at such high regard. Staying consistent with your aesthetics is so important when it comes to creating a lasting first impression for your brand. Have you taken the time to create a color palette? Do the colors support your message and style or did you grab at the first crayons that fell out of the box when you were gathering inspiration? Do you have an actual logo designed and is it used in all of the appropriate places on your site (header, footer, etc) to ensure that the viewer is seeing several glimpses of it to store in their memory and for it to be recognizable to them later? Are you consistent with the font choices you use throughout your site? Do your serif and sans serif fonts play well together?

Make sure you start at the very beginning in gathering visuals that inspire you and looking for the consistencies in what you curated. Then take those consistencies and extend them into a solid guide to follow when it comes to the aesthetics of your brand – color, font choices and overall style.

Listen, I get it. You have an immense amount of passion and love for what it s that you do and you want to talk all about it. I really do get it. However, in an age where people are making snap judgments and quick decisions on what it is they see and take their time on, now is not the time to give them your entire biography. Or give them every detail of what they can expect when working with you. Or present them with a price or service menu that will send them running for the hills due to overwhelm all before they even had a chance to really get to know you on a more personal level. Because hey, you’re great! Who wouldn’t want to get to know you?

Have you heard the expression, ‘leave something for the imagination’? When talking about dating or how one dresses, it’s used quite a lot. It’s the same with your website. Don’t give it all up right then and there. Leave them wanting more. Leave them with a question or two so you can continue the conversation in an email, on the phone, through following you on social media and getting your emails after they have subscribed. Make a stronger impact while saying less. This will ensure you don’t lose their attention in information overload. It may even score you a second date!

Just as much energy as you invested into creating your website or invested in someone who did it for you, you need to make sure just as much time and care goes into maintaining it. There is nothing worse then a potential client or new tribe friend showing up only to see that your last blog post was in 2015. Or that your copyright fine print in the footer says 2012. Or that your pricing is displaying last year’s rates. Do you have links that aren’t working? When is the last time you tested your contact form to ensure it’s functioning properly?

Be sure and schedule a once-a-month audit of your site for admin work – updating the content on your website when it is needed, refreshing the imagery so things don’t look stale and to make sure cobwebs are never showing.

I used to be a dancer what seems like many years ago (it really was – I’m getting old) and one key principle you learn and what you hear so often is to “extend through to your fingertips”. This means that when performing and when executing technique, your line and your movement needs to extend all the way to the tips of your fingers. Never cut your movement short by not extending. This same principle needs to be applied to your online presence. Don’t cut your brand short by only giving your website attention. You must make sure to create fluidity between your website, your social media, your Facebook page, your email designs and everything else that leaves your fingertips. The same color palette, the same font choices, the same overall style. It all must extend from your website outward. Why? Because all of it put together is creating an experience. And that experience and how good it is will set you apart.

How about now?

How strong do you feel your two seconds are? How much of an impact are you making? Have you gone through this information and feel confident that you have it all together? Or are there some areas you need to improve on? DOWNLOAD THIS FREE CHECKLIST and audit to-do’s to ensure your first impression is a strong one and, as always, be sure and stick around for continued help and guidance when it comes to your business and brand because, honey – we are in this together!

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