How to Batch Your Work for Ultimate Productivity

August 14, 2018

One thing I don’t think you can ever prepare yourself for in being a business owner is the juggling act you are constantly performing. Especially as a creative professional / solopreneur. The amount of things that you feel being thrown at you along with the things you choose to add to your own plate can be utterly exhausting. And that feeling of jumping and racing from one thing to the next is all too overwhelming most days. The trick? Working in bulk and being diligent in creating this habit. Today I want to share with you my tips on how to batch your work for ultimate productivity.

Why? Because when you learn to work efficiently – smarter and not harder – you will see the amount you can accomplish in a day grow by leaps and bounds. And pretty soon you’ll just have to get the cape because everyone else already fancies you as a superhero.

So where to begin?

Step one is to start with making a list. Grab a paper and a pen and starting writing down everything you have to do as a business owner of your business. This will look different to each of us, but here is a sample of what mine looks like:

  • Social media graphics
  • Marketing emails
  • Product photography
  • Flat lay photography
  • Writing / blogging
  • Emails
  • Scheduling
  • Social media planning
  • Editorial photo shoots
  • Collaborations
  • Payables + Receivables


The list continues on and on, but that gives you a little insight and idea of what I mean.

Step two is to bulk anything together that makes sense. Like minded tasks need to be grouped together in order to lay out a plan. So my list above then turns into something like this:

  • Graphic design (social media, marketing emails, promos, etc)
  • Photography (product launches, social media, marketing, editorial)
  • Writing / Blogging
  • Marketing (social media planning, subscriber emails, collabs, etc)
  • Admin work (emails, payables + receivables, scheduling, etc)


How to batch your work for ultimate productivity. I break down how I handle it with my own schedule in order to tay on top of all of the entrepreneur and business owning things #Business #Entrepreneur #Organization

Step three is to then lay out your schedule and approach that you will operate by. This will allow you to function in a more automated way instead of rushing from one thing to the next.

For me, this is what my layout looks like and what I add to my block schedule each week:

  • Graphic design for social media needs, subscriber emails and any promos happens on Fridays and pre-scheduled for the following week.
  • All photography needs are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays – Tuesdays are for flat lays and styled photography where Thursdays are for photo needs that includes me (this way I am only holding myself to one day to be completely dressed up, full makeup and hair)
  • Writing and prepping blog posts happens on Tuesday and Thursday evenings when I have the quietest alone time to think, process, reflect, share and really dig deep.
  • Marketing – this all happens on Fridays. From laying out all social media posts for the next week to proofing subscriber emails and more.
  • Admin work such as handling invoicing or scheduling happens on Mondays. It’s the least creative thing I do which means I want to get it out of the way quick so I can get on with my week and do what it is that I do best.


What this does is create a sort of layout of what you can expect. It also means that something like creating a graphic that is needed for a social media announcement isn’t interrupting your client work because it’s already been taken care of on the appropriate day. When you are able to compartmentalize the areas of your business, you are better equipped to handle tasks at hand and do it efficiently.

Do you already batch your work? Have you found that it made a big difference in your productivity?

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