A Wish for My Fellow Dreamers and Doers

January 1, 2019

No matter what 2018 looked like for you. No matter if you finished it out on top or at the very bottom. No matter if you feel like you can walk on water or if you couldn’t possibly make it through one more day. No matter if you are enjoying massive profits or if you are seeing red, I have one wish for you fellow dreamers and doers.


Stop saying “tomorrow”, stop blaming it on your limitations and for the love of all things, stop pointing to every possible negative outcome to be the reason not to go for it. This life is not a guarantee. Tomorrow is not promised. Whether it’s an idea, a business, a hobby, or a crazy desire to move to a foreign place. If it’s stirring in the depths of your soul it’s worth listening to.

I know what you’re thinking… but Kara, that’s life. There are bills and things to pay for and families to support. We all can’t just walk away from our jobs to dream big dreams.

I feel you. I feel you on that level more than you will ever know. I have five children who look to my husband and I to keep them alive, who need our dreams to pay the bills, put food on the table and heat the house. There have been times that there has been more month at the end of the money. There have been dinner conversations over frozen pizza. We have gone without more than we have gone with and the idea of a vacation is a still a foreign concept for the time being, but…

Two years ago, I was working a full time job while running my own business when I had a complete and total nervous breakdown. Overworked, unhappy, tired and miserable. And for what? I am writing this as I sit here still dealing with severe health issues from that fall. I should have walked away much sooner than I did, but it got comfortable. It got easy.

And when my husband found himself unhappy at his corporate job four years ago. While it would have been easy in certain ways to continue on the hamster wheel, to continue collecting that paycheck, what would it be for? For benefits? Well, we couldn’t afford them with an employer so what’s the difference of trying to afford them on our own? My husband realized that he could be doing the same thing and what he is an expert in for himself. So he walked and it was the best decision we ever made for ourselves. Was it hard? Hell yes. The hardest and scariest thing we had ever done, but it’s the hard we could go to sleep with. And it’s the hard we could look at in the mirror every day.

We pick the stresses we want in life. We pick the hard we want to deal with. That’s our freedom. Waking up, commuting and working nine to five at a job you hate? That’s hard. Waking up knowing that you have to book three new clients in order to pay your bills for that month? That’s hard. But you know the amazing thing about going after what is stirring in the deepest parts of you? Nothing but good comes from going after what sets our souls on fire. And in the act of following those passions? We are putting energy out into the Universe that begins an entire effect. This wave and current of positivity and when you keep your eyes open to it, you will be shown sheer power and force that aids you in making things happen for yourself. I have seen it with my own eyes and in my own life.

You don’t want to know life without a steady income? Then use your 9 to 5 to fuel your idea, your product, your business venture. Be ruthless in getting things started. Work all day and then plan all night. Your life deserves to be everything you want it to be. YOU deserve to have everything you want and I’m not talking about money and possessions. You deserve to wake up and feel fulfilled. You deserve to wake up and feel content. You deserve to wake up and feel like you have choices and those things are available to all of us. You just have to know where to look. Be resourceful, have grit, have courage and have faith in yourself.

Because, you my friend, deserve everything that life has to offer. Go after it. Set your soul on fire because it’s going to be a sight to see.

Happy New Year and so much love,

– Kara

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