I Just Wanted to Take a Break and More Tales of Entrepreneurship

January 3, 2019

It can be so easy to become caught up in the negative of things. To only focus on the hardship. It can get so dark and cloudy sometimes that we’re missing the light that is trying to break through. I wanted to make sure and share about a time this past year when I just wanted to take a break and more tales of entrepreneurship and such. A few days really to catch up on my own life because sometimes you can be left feeling out of breath.

Don’t get me wrong, even when you are “taking time off” there is always research and brainstorming and organizing going on. That’s owning a business. That comes with the territory. You are never really “off” so make sure you love what you are doing. Anyway, I was just feeling like I needed a few days to break free from emails, clients and deadlines. Our kids had just gone back to school and there was just so much to do and prep for them that I needed the week to have a little bit of breathing room. And let’s be honest, with another little one who was starting Kindergarten, I wanted the downtime to just wallow a bit over how fast this whole raising kids thing is going. Any of my fellow working mothers here?

Anyway, back to my point. There was a moment where I was sitting on my bed, laptop open, researching some ideas I have had on my mind for awhile and it was all happening at 11:30 AM on a Wednesday. My husband looked at me, who was on his phone answering some client emails, and he said, “I know it gets stressful, and we work crazy hours, and the deadlines can be demanding, but isn’t it kind of cool that we can do this right now?” The “this” he was talking about was just that – choosing to take a few days off to give our kids and our family all of my attention. For the two of us to have time together to tackle personal life and business life. And right then and there I smiled and said a silent thankful prayer.

I just wanted to take a break and more tales of entrepreneurship. A reminder to make sure and look at what there is to be grateful for in the hard times of owning a business #Entrepreneur #BusinessTips #GirlBoss #WorkingMom
Please do not get me wrong. There is so much hard work and an insane amount of hours and I am not in a place where I can (or would want to) take a sabbatical from my life. When did that become a trend by the way? More power to you, but I would much rather create a life – business as well as personal – that I don’t feel the need to escape from. However, it is through all of those stressful things that we as entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, creativepreneurs – whatever “preneur” you are – get to enjoy. The flexibility. The choices. The freedom.

So the next time when the client demands seem to be all-to wearing, or when your schedule leaves you feeling a bit dizzy or when you feel like you can’t take one more deadline… focus on the positive. Stop whatever it is that you are doing and find things you can be grateful for as a business owner. Even if there is only one that you can think of through the stress and frustration, focus on it. Put all your energy in being thankful for it. Say it out loud so the Universe hears you loud and clear.

I promise you that it will fill your cup and remind you of your why. Then get back to work and repeat as necessary. Soldier on, friends.

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