The Risks Worth Taking

January 10, 2019

I’m not a stranger to risks. You might have heard about some of them. The time that my husband left his 9 to 5 corporate job. The time I took on two full time jobs so my husband could build his business only to have a nervous breakdown that finally led us to walk away from all other sources of income except for the ones we created ourselves (read about it here). And now a move across the country that has been stirring in mine and my family’s hearts for some time now (read about it here).

The common thread in all of these circumstances whether professional or personal? I wasn’t prepared for them. And what I mean is, if you put the numbers, charts and spreadsheets down on paper it wouldn’t have added up. However, sometimes you make your own damn safety net instead of waiting for one to appear while you’re looking over the edge.

I decided long ago that I was going to be comfortable with being uncomfortable – you have to as an entrepreneur. Nothing should ever be comfortable. Because it’s outside of your comfort zone where all of the really, really good stuff happens. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes you crash and burn, but that’s where the lessons are learned. And you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward carrying those scrapes and bruises with pride while you pass everyone else sitting on the sidelines watching.

The risk is always worth taking. After all, the view is so much sweeter after the hardest climbs, I can promise you that.

The risks worth taking and more tales of entrepreneurship #BusinessAdvice #Motivation #Entrepreneurship

And this beautiful image was taken by the talented Jackson Groves of Journey Era.

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