A Photography Course Bundle Flash Sale

February 5, 2019

Alright, friends. A bit of some big news today and it’s for a limited time only so I want to make sure I get you all of the information and details. I collaborated with some other amazing course producers and artists to bring you the most amazing opportunity ever! A bundle of 21 photography courses valued at $4,016.99 for ONLY $98.50!! Does it feel like I am yelling at you? Excuse my manners, but I am so excited about this!!

I have been on a gag order for a few months while everything was put together and prepared so now I only have a week to make sure you are hearing me when I say… HOLY COW! Not only does this bundle include my iPhone photography course, but you will also get courses ranging from wedding and portrait photography, lighting, photography business, how to sell, food, flat lay and travel photography as well a how to shoot with your Go Pro. No matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, whether you are male or female, young or old, whether you are simply a photography enthusiast and love it as a hobby or if you are a business owner – this bundle is such an incredible value and each of us course authors are so thrilled to bring it to you at such an incredible discount – 98% OFF!

You can get ALL of the details and information right here, but upon purchasing you will receive access to all of the courses immediately and the best part is that you can access them anywhere – on the go or tucked away at home. I promise you will get so much out of each of these courses. You will learn from me as well as photography industry experts like Justin & Mary Marantz, Tenth & Grace and Nancy Ray. Good, good stuff friends!

You have until February 12th to catch the deal – less than a week left! So hurry and snag it for yourself and enjoy all of the goodness and information contained in this bundle. Post below if you end up purchasing the bundle so I can hear how much you are loving the courses!!

A Photography Course Bundle Flash Sale!!! Snag it by February 12th and get a $4,000 value for only $98.50! Come and learn from some of the best - Justin & Mary Marantz, Nancy Ray, Tenth & Grace and many more! #Photography #OnlinePhotographyCourse #WeddingPhotography #PortraitPhotography #PhotographyBusiness

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