What Are You Really Saying: The Psychology of Words in Business

April 2, 2019

Oftentimes when clients come to me wanting to promote a high-end service or product, the conversation and focus almost always begins around the aesthetics. And those conversations are about the imagery that needs to be infused throughout their online presence to help promote a more distinct and exclusive message. Or it’s that the packaging needs to be more upscale. And while yes, absolutely, those details are always part of the entire package that gets the job done, I also take the time to bring a more simple, but significant detail to the spotlight.

The words you use and how you deliver them.

Whether you are describing your service, sending a quote, answering a DM, taking a potential client call, whatever it may be… the words you use need to be curated in order to grab someone’s attention, begin to build trust with them from the start before money is even discussed as well as give them a sense of the experience in working with you.

For example, let’s say you receive an inquiry in your inbox asking about your business coaching services. Here is what you might say as your response:

“Thank you for emailing – it is great to hear from you! I am more than happy to send you my prices and if it seems like a good fit we can discuss things in further detail.”

Let’s spin this a better way:

“Hello and thank you so much for reaching out and for your interest in working together, Lisa! I am more than happy to give you more information on the investment in working with me and what we can do together for you and your business. I would love to hear more details about what you are looking for in coaching or perhaps pain points that you may be experiencing so we can ensure that my services and expertise are a good fit for what you are really needing.”

What are you really saying? I am diving in a bit to chat about the psychology of words and how it can aid your business when used the right way. Catch it now on Kara Layne & Co! #Entrepreneur #Business #BusinessTips #Marketing

Now let’s break this down a bit on why this makes for more a more curated and “on brand” response…

  1. We took the time to address the person by first name. This not only makes them feel more welcome and “part of the family”, but it also shows that you took a few extra moments to ensure you knew their name by which to address them from their inquiry form or email.
  2. We subtly brought in the scarcity tactics. Everyone loves exclusivity and by asking for more details regarding what this person is looking for in order to ensure a good fit paints the picture that you don’t work with everyone that walks through your door. You cherry pick the best fits for you and your business.
  1. We have begun setting ourselves up as the confident expert by simply mentioning our expertise in what it is that we do.

There is a true science to works you need to have in your arsenal when speaking to potential clients and to your audience. It not only aides you in building a reputation as a true professional and expert, but it also allows you to set the scene for those looking for what you are offering. It’s grooming them to completely trust in their decision to invest in you.

And once you do book the job and can call them a client? You wow them at every single turn in the experience and you know you have then? Not just a happy customer – a brand evangelist and that, my friend, is a priceless commodity.

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