The Truth About Self Doubt

April 9, 2019

It’s a funny thing. As a creative, you begin your journey worrying about what others might think of what it is you are trying to accomplish right? We have this fear of not being accepted. Not being taken seriously. Not being understood. Or maybe some of us don’t. Or heck, maybe I am just really letting my walls come down right now. Anyway, us creatives seem to be of the more sensitive variety because our heart and emotion are wrapped up so much in what we do. And I think we struggle with the idea of not being taken seriously, but you know what the reality is? There is something far more dangerous than that. It is the one thing that will keep you from where you are going. It is the one thing that can rob you of everything that you have built and everything you want to accomplish. You see, the truth about self-doubt is that it is creativity’s worst enemy. And we are in the business of creativity, right?

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I wanted to share with you a recent lesson I learned. Well, I guess I should say, ‘re-learned’. Because we are all aware of how destructive self-doubt can be. At least we should be. Last month I made an announcement about the launch of my mobile presets. I started the countdown with my audience on social media because I was so sure that it was all coming together and would be wrapped up. My confidence was high. My excitement, even higher. A few days later and with a couple of issues that popped up, there was no way for me to follow through on that promise. And while “shipped” is better than not, they weren’t ready to launch. Not until the issues were fixed. But another delay? Another broken promise? I didn’t even want to bring it up or talk about it. Call it cowardness, call it stress, call it anxiety, but I hid out. And do you know the dialogue I had within my own head?

Kara, you don’t need to bring it up because no one is really paying attention.

No one cares about what you are doing.

Self-doubt equals self-destruction every. single. time. So I stayed quiet hoping that no one was listening and that the dialogue in my head was far more than my assumptions. Then the DM’s started rolling in…

“Hey! I’m so excited about those presets! When are they coming?” …
“Can’t wait to check them out – when did you say they were launching?”
“Did I miss an email about the preset launch?”
Way to go, Kara. Way to go. And you call yourself a professional? Self-doubt equals self-destruction once again. I was so certain from the conversations I had with myself that no one cared. Little did I know, many eyes were on me and looking forward to my next product launch.

So then I did what any business owner should do in that situation. I called myself out on my own BS. I got on social media and shared about the delay we experienced and how sorry I was that I had to push the launch. And I also decided to be completely transparent on why they never heard anything about it. And you know what? My inbox filled with messages of support and understanding and how they were still so excited for when my mobile presets are ready.

I had created an entire situation in my mind – I decided the dialogue, the reaction and the outcome – all thanks to self-doubt. I made my self look less than professional all on my own. And how often do we do this? Even in our personal life? I do it more than I care to admit. We probably all do.

So friend, if you are doubting yourself, stop. Look in the mirror and pull off your best Stuart Smalley. Because your people are watching and waiting no matter how quiet the airwaves seem to be. And the world needs what you got. So give it.

– Xo, Kara

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